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Do you have hard water in your home? If so, it’s important to the life of your plumbing equipment and other appliances to use a water softener. When you need water softener installation, replacement, or repair, Jon Wayne is ready to help.

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Never worry about a repair-gone-wrong again. Jon Wayne Service Company guarantees all services and promises that all technicians are highly trained, drug-free, and committed to providing homeowners the best experience possible. Here's what makes us different:

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When Do I Need a Water Softener?

Hard minerals in the water supply can wreak havoc on pipes, appliances, and the lives of homeowners. Minerals like magnesium and calcium can leave residue in the sink and tub and can build up on fixtures and pipes, and can reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. To combat this, water softeners use ion exchange to replace the hard minerals with softer minerals. In San Antonio, water softeners are especially necessary as hard water is far more prevelant here.

Is it always necessary to get a water softener? Low levels of hard minerals are generally acceptable in the water supply and will have little effect on the overall household plumbing. As the level of hard minerals in the water rises, the risk of damage caused by the minerals also increases. Testing through an independent facility is a surefire way to know just how hard the water is, but it is also possible to get an idea of the water hardness by looking for a few surefire signs:

  • Stained tubs and sinks- are a good indicator that hard minerals like iron are present in the water supply
  • Mineral build up- can lead to decreased water pressure and is a sign that the mineral levels in the water are too high
  • Soaps and detergents just aren’t working- water hardness can affect the ability of soap and detergents to lather and clean.
  • When in doubt, consult the professionals. They can help determine the right water softening systems for any given situation.

What Causes Discolored, Smelly Water?

Minerals in the water supply can cause discolored water. This can lead to discolored clothes, stains in sinks and tubs, and even discolored hair. While some water discolorations are readily noticeable, other discolorations occur after the water has had a chance to sit for a little bit. This is caused by the type of mineral present in the water, like ferrous iron (iron that hasn’t been exposed to oxygen and is therefore colorless) vs ferric iron (oxygen rich iron that is easy to see in water leaving the drain).

Other minerals, such as sulfur, can cause offensive odors (like a rotten egg smell) to permeate throughout the house whenever the water is turned on. These minerals usually require the use of specialized filters to remove them from the water.

How Do I Clean My Water Softener?

A water softening system includes a brine tank that holds the salt used to soften the water, a venture valve that allows the brine to cycle to the reservoir tank, and resin beads that remove the hard minerals. Maintaining these components will keep the water softener running smoothly. Periodically cleaning out residual salt, sand, and mineral build up and rinsing with clean water can make all the difference in keeping a high functioning water softening system.

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