Replacing a Toilet


Many homeowners find that replacing a toilet is just a bit above their comfort level. But our expert plumbers at Jon Wayne can make quick work of the job, providing reliable and professional service at a price you can afford. Getting a new toilet might seem like a big up-front expense, but you’ll find it pays for itself in no time—both in water conservation and improved appearance.

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When You Should Get a New Toilet

It’s easy to get by with an old or faulty toilet. But there are many reasons why getting a new one can save you money and frustration.

Water Conservation

According to the EPA, conventional toilets can use several times as much water per flush as newer low-flush toilets. The new toilets not only conserve more water, but also your money – the EPA calculates average savings of nearly $50 a year from a new low-flush toilet.

Dirty Toilet

A good scrubbing sometimes just isn’t enough – older toilets can have stains that are just too deep to clean out. Getting a fresh new toilet can do a lot to improve your bathroom’s appearance.

Leaking Toilet

By the time you figure out your old toilet is leaking, it may be too late. A leaky toilet can cause permanent damage to your bathroom floor that can require expensive home maintenance to repair.

Why Jon Wayne Should Be Your Choice for Toilet Replacement

You can trust the expert plumbers at Jon Wayne to replace your old toilet quickly and without making a mess. We understand how important the appearance of your bathroom is, and take pains to ensure the best possible look for your space. Our plumbers wear shoe covers and use drop cloths to protect your bathroom’s appearance.

All of this professional service can also be had at an amazingly affordable price. We provide up-front quotes, not price estimates, and we do it before the work has started—meaning you get to decide whether our price is fair before you get the bill.

Finally, you can be sure that we’ll fix it right at Jon Wayne. If we don’t replace your toilet right the first time, we’ll come back until it is—at our expense. We’ve found that the best way to establish and maintain great customer relationships is through terrific service, and that’s what you’ll get from all of our professional employees.

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