Solve Your Plumbing Problems Immediately

Solve Your Plumbing Problems Immediately

97% Of Our Service Calls Are Answered In 24 Hours

Overflowing water in your home? Clogged drain? Hard water leaving residue on your dishes and clothes?

Call Jon Wayne now to solve any plumbing problem.
Our technicians are not only fast, but the most thorough,
attentive and courteous in San Antonio.

Here's what you'll get when you choose Jon Wayne:

  •  Fast, same-day service
  •  Upfront, no-risk pricing
  •  Skilled, certified technicians
  •  Improved plumbing equipment efficiency

"Very Satisfied With The Professionalism
And The Price..."

"It was a horrible morning waking up to a busted pipe and water all over my yard and street. As soon as my husband and I saw this disaster we knew immediately who to call, Jon Wayne. I'm glad we did, not only were they at my house within 45min.-1hr, the plumbers working on my house were very professional and had the job done in an hour. My husband and I were very satisfied with the professionalism and the price. Thank you so much Jon Wayne!!!!"

Candy V.
San Antonio, TX

Water Softeners

Hard water can damage your pipes and appliances. In addition, it can leave residue on your dishes and clothes. We offer a variety of water softeners at Jon Wayne, including reverse osmosis water softeners.

Drain Cleaning

You know the story - your sink, shower, or toilet is draining slowly, or maybe not at all. If you have a clogged drain that a store-bought drain cleaner just won't fix, contact Jon Wayne for drain cleaning, including high-pressure water jetting, in San Antonio.

* With the Ultimate Comfort Package + with approved credit.

Water Heater Services

Nothing is worse than a freezing cold shower! If you need water heater replacement, repair, or installation, Jon Wayne can help. We offer both tankless and traditional water heater services in the San Antonio, TX area.

Sewer Lines

Have a broken sewer line? Jon Wayne can repair your sewer pipe with as minimal damage to your landscaping as possible.

Garbage Disposal Services

Whether you're learning the hard way that not everything can go down the garage disposal and you need garbage disposal repair, or you're interestted in installing a new garage disposal, contact the experts at Jon Wayne.

Shower and Bathtub Services

If your shower or bathtub has a clog or leak, or if you're looking to upgrade to a better model, Jon Wayne can help with all your shower repair, installation, or replacement needs.

Sink Services

If you're having a problem with your kitchen or bathroom sink, or if you're simply looking to install a newer, more efficient sink, call Jon Wayne.

Faucet Services

At Jon Wayne, we can handle all your faucet repair, installation, or replacement needs.

Sewer and Drain Video Inspections

There are many items that can clog your drains and potentially cause your sewer to back up, including food waste, hard water deposits, sanitary products, and more. If you have a slow or backed up drain, or maybe an odor coming from your drain, call us today for sewer and drain video inspection in the San Antonio area.

In addition, we offer:

And more!

"I wish I had known about their service months ago..."

Joe Aguilar
San Antonio, TX

"I have maintained a service agreement with Jon Wayne for a few years now and have not been disappointed; I have actually been pleasantly surprised! I wish I had known about their plumbing service a few months ago before I was victimized by one of the local companies that does alot of advertising on the radio. I strongly recommend Jon Wayne to anyone who is tired of being taken to the cleaners by unscruplulous service companies."

Competitive pricing.
Stellar customer service.
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Competitive pricing. Stellar customer service.