Energy Management


Energy is one of the largest expenses in operating a home, and the costs continue to climb. Taking control of your energy use and reducing waste can result in significant savings to the homeowner, while increasing comfort and conserving energy. An energy management program can consist of:

Setting conservation goals and monitoring for results
Schedule automatic changes in heating and cooling levels
Automatically adjust heating and cooling, based on your location (why not save money on heating and cooling, when your smartphone tells the system you’re not at home)?

With energy management on the job you’re armed with the information needed to efficiently manage your electricity consumption. Quickly determine what appliances or systems are high users of energy, and find ways to eliminate waste or even replace outmoded equipment that is not energy-efficient.

Alerts can be generated to notify the homeowner when pre-set limits are exceeded, along with information regarding what devices may be causing the high level of usage.

Conservation and Cost Savings

Jon Wayne energy management can help homeowners save money while increasing comfort levels and conserving energy.

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