Whole-House Surge Protection System


Now Everyone Can Get Whole-House Surge Protection in San Antonio

While power surges don’t present a threat to home safety, they do take a toll on the sensitive electrical components inside today’s complex home appliances. In fact they are the nemesis of home insurance companies, costing them billions in claims each year. As a homeowner, the last thing you want is your latest gadget to be destroyed by a power surge, even if you do have it covered by insurance.

The Anatomy of a Power Surge

A power surge is a spike in the current of your home’s electrical supply. There are many conditions which can cause a power surge. A large surge has the capacity to damage the circuits in modern appliances. Given that so many of the devices in your home are likely controlled by microprocessors and circuit boards, it’s more important to have effective surge protection in San Antonio homes than it would have been just a few years ago.

However it isn’t only large power surges that can damage your expensive electronics. In fact the real risk comes from small, frequent surges that originate inside your home, created by the use of appliances such as washing machines and electrical tools. Over time, these surges have a damaging effect on electronic components, potentially shortening the service life of your appliances and electronic equipment, including laptops and other computers.

How to Protect Your Electronics from Power Surges

To protect and extend the life of all the electrically powered items in your home, including equipment which is hard-wired into your electrical system, it’s best to use layered protection. This involves using point-of-use Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) along with a whole-house surge protection system. A whole house surge protection device is installed at your circuit breaker box and is capable of channeling the excess current from both internally and externally originating surges safely to earth.

Advantages of Layered Surge Protection in San Antonio Homes

The key benefit of layered surge protection to San Antonio homeowners is the fact that everything in the home which runs on electricity is protected from the effects of a serious power surge as well as the cumulative impact of frequent, small power spikes. While the whole-house SPD shunts current from external power surges to earth, as well as those from internal appliances on dedicated circuits, point-of-use SPDs can be used to protect sensitive electronic equipment on shared circuits.

A whole-house surge protection system should be installed by a professional electrician. However a system capable of protecting your entire home is not expensive to purchase. When you consider the fact that it will prevent all your equipment from exposure to power surges, it’s clearly a worthwhile investment.

Jon Wayne Service Company: Specialists in Surge Protection in San Antonio

At Jon Wayne Service Company, we specialize in providing whole-house surge protection at affordable prices and with the highest standards of service. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians are committed to delivering a customer experience you will delight in. Why take the chance of a power surge crippling your expensive electronics, when we can install a system that will protect your equipment and provide you with peace of mind?

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