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Save Money with Smart Controlled LED Lighting in San Antonio

Energy costs are increasing rapidly which means so too, is the cost of running a home. However one way you can quickly make some serious savings on your electricity consumption is to upgrade the lights in your house to LED. As a mainstream lighting technology, LED bulbs have only just come of age.Now though, as many commercial energy consumers are already finding out, this technology is about to revolutionize the way homes and businesses are lit.

Your Lights are Burning Money

If you are using incandescent or even fluorescent lighting in your home, a percentage of the energy that you use to power it gets converted to heat instead of light. The problem is worse with incandescent bulbs, which radiate a lot of heat in the process of creating light emissions. If you need proof of this fact you only need to try touching an incandescent bulb when it’s been lit for a while. Although you might be glad of the extra warmth in your home on long winter nights, it’s an expensive way to heat a space. Moreover, in the summertime, keeping the lights on will either make your home hotter than it needs to be or will put extra load on your air conditioning, which in turn is wastes energy and therefore, money.

Reasons to Install LED Lighting in San Antonio Homes

LED lighting will soon be outselling all other domestic lighting technologies, thanks both to its energy efficient qualities and the quality of light that LED bulbs are capable of emitting. While the earliest LED bulbs that came onto the market had their share of problems, the technology has advanced rapidly and LED lighting is now being widely and successfully adopted for many commercial applications.

There are a number of good reasons why installing LED lighting in San Antonio homes is one of the easiest ways to improve lighting and save money at the same time. Here are a few of the major benefits of having LED lighting in your home:

LED lights have no glass bulbs which can be accidentally broken.
LED lights emit no harmful ultra-violet radiation
LED lights do not radiate heat into a room or space as conventional domestic light bulbs do.
LED lighting is very energy efficient and can reduce lighting energy costs by 50% or even more when used to replace incandescent or fluorescent lights.
An LED light will never burn out and can be used for up to 50,000 hours without significant deterioration in brightness.
LED lights contain no harmful toxins such as mercury, which is present in all fluorescent light sources.

Another great advantage that LED lights have over conventional sources is controllability. Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lights, LED bulbs do not degrade as a result of frequent switching. This means they can be switched on and off thousands of times without any reduction in service life. The benefit of this is that they are ideal for coupling to dimmer and timer controls. This is another way to reduce the cost of energy in your home.

LED bulbs are also capable of changing color and being controlled wirelessly via your smartphone or tablet using an app. That means that wherever you are in your home, just a couple of taps on your screen is all it takes to turn lights on, off or to create a certain mood by changing the lighting hue. With so many benefits to discover, it surely won’t be long before LED lighting in San Antonio homes is as common a sight as it already is in commercial buildings.

Start Saving on Lighting Now with Jon Wayne

At Jon Wayne Service Company, we can install new lighting which will generate savings in your energy bills from the moment you first switch it on. We are able to supply the latest LED lighting systems with color changing functionality and remote control operation via your smartphone. More importantly, we do so at a competitive price and with the utmost attention to high quality installation.

Let us help you by installing intelligently controllable lights that will last for years before you ever have to change a bulb. Jon Wayne Service Company is an established provider of LED lighting in San Antonio, where we’re already renowned for the courtesy, attentiveness and thoroughness of our skilled technicians. Give us a call any time at (210) 293-6700. We look forward to helping you on your journey to a more energy efficient home.


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