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Something as simple as electricity is probably one of the last things on your mind because it is everywhere, all the time. It’s only noticeable is when it stops working. Help getting the power back on is where the pros come in. Call Jon Wayne today on 210-293-6700 to fix any of your electrical needs

Why Choose Jon Wayne?

There is no better emergency electrician in San Antonio than Jon Wayne Service Company. We’re committed to quickly, efficiently, and safely solving all of your electrical issues. We promise same-day service, accurate quotes, and complete satisfaction for every customer.

How do I Know if a Fuse was Tripped in the Fuse Box?

A tripped fuse in the fuse box is an easy fix to get the electricity back up and running. Fuses are built to trip (or cut off the electric power) whenever there is an electric surge.

To check if the fuse is tripped, locate the specific fuse for the area of the house that has lost power. Fuses are equipped with a switch that controls the power supply. A tripped fuse will have a switch that was moved (or tripped) towards the off position. To correct, simply turn the switch all the way off then turn the switch back on. If the fuse trips again, there is usually a short or other serious problem that is causing the trip. In this case, consult a professional to find the problem and get it addressed right away. 

What’s the Difference between GFI and AFI; Why does it Matter?

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFI) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFI) are important safety features that keep you and your house safe in the event of an electrical emergency. The difference between the two is with how the switches and fuses detect electric currents. GFI’s measure the electric current entering and exiting the switch or fuse while AFI’s detect the presence of electrical arcing. When a problem is detected, a built in fuse trips to disconnect the power source.

GFI’s help prevent injury caused by electric shock and are especially important to use in areas that are prone to getting wet like the kitchen and bathroom. Arcing can cause electrical fires when there is flammable material nearby. For this reason, AFI’s are most commonly installed in bedrooms.

What is a Ground and Why is it Important?

With the exception of wiring that is outdated and not up to code, electric wires consist of a hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. Ground wires play an important role in keeping the homeowner, appliances, and house safe in the event of an unexpected electrical discharge.

Electricity travels through the path of least resistance. This means that in the event of a spark of short, the electricity will find the nearest thing that can conduct the electric current to flow through. Unfortunately, the nearest thing could be you. To prevent this, grounding outlets, switches, and appliances through a grounding wire allows the electric current to flow through the wire and out to the ground where it can safely dissipate.

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