The System

Don speaks with Bridget about the improvements Jon Wayne put into the Vasquez home and how the Vasquez's old furnace was impacted with mold, mildew, growth and other unhealthy organisms. He also explains how their old system was a potential safety hazard.


MiCasa Makeovers

The Vasquez Family was overjoyed to learn that they were the recipients of the 24th MiCasa Makeover. Candy, Mark and their three children have had a challenging past few years. KENS5, Jon Wayne Services Company and other generous sponsors all worked hard on the transformation of the Vasquez home.

The Surprise
Candy and Mark learn
their home is getting
a makeover!

The Story
Candy & Mark explain the
difficulties they have faced
over the past 4 years

The System
Don goes over the improvements
Jon Wayne has made to the
Vasquez home

The Reveal
Candy & Mark come home
to a much healthier home!
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