The Finished Project

Don and Albert discuss the brand new, state-of-the-art Bryant air conditioning system that will provide this family with clean, fresh, safe and energy efficient air conditioning.


MiCasa Makeovers

Rosa Flores, Susan Brooks and her two children were excited to learn that they were the recipients of the 23rd MiCasa Makeover. Rosa has been gracious enough to allow Susan and her children to share her home, yet over the years, the home has become in need of some major repairs. KENS5, Jon Wayne Service Company and other generous businesses stepped up and helped Rosa and Susan get a like-new home with a new, healthy, energy efficient heating and air conditioning system.

The Surprise
Rosa and Suzanne are
surprised to learn they
have been selected

The Finished Project
Don and Albert discuss
the brand new Bryant
air conditioning system

The Reveal
Rosa, Susan and her children
get to see their fantastic
new home
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