'It Feels Like a New Home'

Back in-studio, the Ramos family talks about their new heating and air conditioning system and learns that they won't have to pay an electric bill for over two years!


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The Ramos family and their three children have struggled with poor indoor air quality in their home for years. Their children suffer from allergies and asthma, sometimes so severely it requires hospitalization. In addition to poor air quality, the Ramos' family struggled with high humidity due to an oversized system, dusty air, a musky smell in the home, and high utility bills. Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning was honored to help the Ramos family improve their home's indoor air quality and reduce their utility bills.

The Surprise
CPS Energy & Jon Wayne
pay a surprise visit to
the Ramos family

Diagnosing the Home
Some profound issues were
found during our testing.

'It Feels Like a New Home'
The Ramos family tell
how their new AC system has
dramatically changed their home

The Finished Project
Don goes over all the
improvements that were made
to the Ramos' HVAC system
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