Prelim. Inspection

The Campa's have been experiencing very high utility bills. Don explains why that could be and how he plans to get their electric bills back down to where they should be.


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MiCasa Makeovers

Jon Wayne Heating and Air was blessed with the opportunity to contribute with this MiCasa Makeover. The Campa's current system was in very poor condition with an impacted cooling coil, rusted furnace and leaking duct work. After doing a Complete Home Evaluation, we determined that their current 3 Ton system was way oversized. Our Manual J Load calculation took into consideration the new double pane windows, upgraded insulation and new vinyl siding that was being installed in the home. Based on these new factors the Campa's only needed a 2 ton system to properly heat and cool their home. Janet and Ramiro, dramatically lower electric bills are on their way!

Meet the Campa's and watch as they learn they the next MiCasa Makeover winners!

Prelim. Inspection
Dons talks about the Campa's $350 energy bill and how he plans to dramatically reduce it.

Santa's Reveal
Don and Pam (Mrs. Clause) Rackler arrive with the Campa family in the Jon Wayne Sleigh.

All Done
Don gives us a run down on everything that went into the Campa's new AC system.
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