Prelim. Inspection

Even though Rosario's current unit is only 1.5 years old, she is still seeing very high electric bills each month. Don will locate the source of the problem and get her bills down where they should be. He's also going to install other upgrades to help keep her home's air clean and healthy.


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MiCasa Makeovers

Rosario Farahani is a single mother with two special needs children. Jon Wayne was blessed with the opportunity to provide Rosario and her family with an brand new, high efficiency air conditioning system. Her new system will include a Clean Air Solutions package with a HEPA filter and an ultra violet light to help alleviate her son's asthma. The system will keep the air clean and the electric bills as low as possible.

Meet Rosario Farahani and learn about the amazing transformation her home will soon go through.

Prelim. Inspection
Don discusses what Jon Wayne does to help customers lower their
electric bills.

Progress Report
Don explains how Jon Wayne corrected a badly designed system.

Asthma Relief
Don details the new Clean Air Solutions package that we installed to help with asthma.
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