Noreen's Warm Now!

Noreen's Finally Has a Warm House! After years of using expensive and noisy window units, her home is now equipped with a new, high efficiency gas heating and cooling system along with new duct work and insulation. The end result will be a dramatically lower electric bill along with a much higher comfort level.


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Noreen Karger has been heating and cooling her home for years just using window units and an old central heating system which is horribly expensive to operate. Not only was she haivng trouble staying comfortable consistently, she also had to deal with the noisy window units and high electric bills. After factoring in all the upgrades that were done to her home, we were able to install a properly sized energy efficient system that will lower her gas and electric bills and keep her comfortable year round.

Noreen's Warm Now!
Noreen's house is finally energy efficient! See what all we did to keep her cozy and comfortable.
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