Prelim. Inspection

Don explains the various problems he found during his preliminary inspection of Cecilia's home. Problems found include a disconnected vent pipe (which causes carbon monoxide poisoning) and an overall inefficient system. Cecilia has stated that her home is typically uncomfortable and even purchased a portable dehumidifier to alleviate the clamminess she was experiencing. These symptoms usually are indicative of a system that is over-sized and does not run long enough to remove the moisture from the house. Jon Wayne will be installing a brand new system that is properly sized and considerably more energy efficient.


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MiCasa Makeovers

Coming to America from Columbia at the age of 17, Cecilia Consuegra learned English, become a U.S. citizen and has worked hard all her life. As a single mother raising two kids alone, she put her children through college and even raised the child of her ex-husband when his new wife died of cancer. She's an amazing person and Jon Wayne is proud to be able to participate in the remodeling of her home.

Cecilia Consuegra's story and
what we have in store for
her home makeover.

Prelim. Inspection
Don and Eileen discuss what problems Cecilia is having with her current AC system.

Mini-Split Systems - Mega Efficient!
Don Rackler explains the advantages of mini-split systems which are being installed in Cecelia's home.

Cecilia's New Mini-Split System!
Cecilia's new Mitsubishi Mini-Split system is up and running and it's awesome...
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