Prelim. Inspection

Don Rackler explains to Bridget Smith what steps Jon Wayne takes to properly evaluate a home for maximum comfort and efficiency. Many times, we find that a Manual J Load calculation will determine that a home is better served by a different size unit than is currently installed. We take into consideration upgrades that have been done to a home including energy efficient windows, new siding and attic insulation upgrades. These improvements greatly reduce the heat load on a home and allow for a smaller, high efficiency unit to properly heat and cool your home. A properly sized unit lowers your electric bill and saves your family money, month after month.


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MiCasa Makeovers

Felicia Cummings desires to provide her children with a better place to grow up and we are honored to be able to help her do just that. The new system we installed in her home lowers her electric bills and will also provide cleaner air to keep her family comfortable and healthy.

Our first MiCasa Makeover project, Jon Wayne was honored to provide the Cummings' family with a new
air conditioning system.

Prelim. Inspection
Don talks about what steps Jon Wayne takes to properly size a replacement system.

Felicia's New System
Don talks about everything that went into Felicia's new heating and cooling system.
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