Breathe Cleaner Air

Don Rackler and KENS5's Eileen Teves explore the options available to capture and kill viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, pet dander and other contaminates from the air in your home through the air conditioning filtration system. The end result is fresh, clean air that is healthy for your family to breathe.


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MiCasa Makeovers

Samantha Robinson is KENS5's 25th MiCasa Makeover winner! Jon Wayne Services Company was honored to be able to provide Samantha and her family with a new energy efficient HVAC system and tankless water heater. The new components will not only provide a more comfortable home, but they will also dramatically reduce Samantha's energy bills for years to come.

The Surprise
Samantha Robinson gets a
huge surprise at the bakery
where she works

Her Story
Friends and family share
why they nominated Samantha
for a MiCasa Makeover

Her New System
Don talks about the new system
and how it will dramtically
reduce her electric bills.

The Reveal
Samantha's family comes home
to their newly renovated and
energy efficient home
The Vasquez Family was overjoyed to learn that they were the recipients of the 24th MiCasa Makeover. Candy, Mark and their three children have had a challenging past few years. KENS5, Jon Wayne Services Company and other generous sponsors all worked hard on the transformation of the Vasquez home.

The Surprise
Candy and Mark learn
their home is getting
a makeover!

The Story
Candy & Mark explain the
difficulties they have faced
over the past 4 years

The System
Don goes over the improvements
Jon Wayne has made to the
Vasquez home

The Reveal
Candy & Mark come home
to a much healthier home!
Rosa Flores, Susan Brooks and her two children were excited to learn that they were the recipients of the 23rd MiCasa Makeover. Rosa has been gracious enough to allow Susan and her children to share her home, yet over the years, the home has become in need of some major repairs. KENS5, Jon Wayne Service Company and other generous businesses stepped up and helped Rosa and Susan get a like-new home with a new, healthy, energy efficient heating and air conditioning system.

The Surprise
Rosa and Suzanne are
surprised to learn they
have been selected

The Finished Project
Don and Albert discuss
the brand new Bryant
air conditioning system

The Reveal
Rosa, Susan and her children
get to see their fantastic
new home
The Ramos family and their three children have struggled with poor indoor air quality in their home for years. Their children suffer from allergies and asthma, sometimes so severely it requires hospitalization. In addition to poor air quality, the Ramos' family struggled with high humidity due to an oversized system, dusty air, a musky smell in the home, and high utility bills. Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning was honored to help the Ramos family improve their home's indoor air quality and reduce their utility bills.

The Surprise
CPS Energy & Jon Wayne
pay a surprise visit to
the Ramos family

Diagnosing the Home
Some profound issues were
found during our testing.

'It Feels Like a New Home'
The Ramos family tell
how their new AC system has
dramatically changed their home

The Finished Project
Don goes over all the
improvements that were made
to the Ramos' HVAC system


The Garcia's New System
Don discusses the new
AC system and advanced
air cleaning system
Valerie and Rick Ybarra were ecstatic to learn they were the KENS5's 20th MiCasa Makeover winners. Struggling with health issues while raising their granddaughter, the Ybarra family are deserving of the renovation their home received from Jon Wayne Heating & Air, CPS, and other generous contractors.

The Surprise & Story
Valerie and Rick Ybarra
learn they have won

The Old System
Don & Bridget discuss
the Ybarra's new system

Bigger Not Always Better
Don explains why a unit that
is too big can cause problems

The Reveal
The Ybarra's are welcomed into
their newly remodeled home.
Sunni and Joshua Schwencke were relieved to learn that they were the 19th MiCasa Makeover. KENS5 joined with Jon Wayne and other contractors to remodel and make the Schwencke home energy efficient, comfortable and safe.

The Schwencke family learns
that they have been selected
for the MiCasa Makeover.

Their Story
Learn more about
Sunni and Joshua Schwencke.

The Game Plan
Don Rackler discusses the
game plan and how it
will help the Schwencke family.

The Reveal
The Schwencke's get to
see their newly
remodeled home.
Coming to America from Columbia at the age of 17, Cecilia Consuegra learned English, become a U.S. citizen and has worked hard all her life. As a single mother raising two kids alone, she put her children through college and even raised the child of her ex-husband when his new wife died of cancer. She's an amazing person and Jon Wayne is proud to be able to participate in the remodeling of her home.

Cecilia Consuegra's story and
what we have in store for
her home makeover.

Prelim. Inspection
Don and Eileen discuss what problems Cecilia is having with her current AC system.

Mini-Split Systems - Mega Efficient!
Don Rackler explains the advantages of mini-split systems which are being installed in Cecelia's home.

Cecilia's New Mini-Split System!
Cecilia's new Mitsubishi Mini-Split system is up and running and it's awesome...
Debbie and John Rivera inherited her faither's home but they soon learned the house needed a lot of repairs. The 40 year old air conditioning system died completely during the previous year. Don Rackler has plans to replace their failed system with a new, high efficiency gas system along with HEPA air filtration. The new system will keep them cool and comfortable as well as dramatically lower their electric bill each month.

Debbie and John Rivera learn they are receiving a MiCasa Makeover!

Prelim. Inspection
Don details the problems the Rivera's were having with their 40 year old air conditioning system.

The New System
The new system will dramatically lower their electric bills and
provide clean, healthy air!
Noreen Karger has been heating and cooling her home for years just using window units and an old central heating system which is horribly expensive to operate. Not only was she haivng trouble staying comfortable consistently, she also had to deal with the noisy window units and high electric bills. After factoring in all the upgrades that were done to her home, we were able to install a properly sized energy efficient system that will lower her gas and electric bills and keep her comfortable year round.

Noreen's Warm Now!
Noreen's house is finally energy efficient! See what all we did to keep her cozy and comfortable.
This San Antonio area school teacher has had her share of struggles. After dealing with a flooded home and taking care of her ailing parents, Karen learned she had cancer. Now in remission and cancer free, she's about to find out her house is getting a Micasa Makeover as well! Don Rackler and Jon Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning will replace her existing system with an energy efficient air conditioner. The new duct work, vinyl siding, double-pane windows and attic insulation improved the efficiency of the home so much that we were able to replace her existing unit with a smaller one, saving her even more on her electric bills.

Karen Seiffert learns she is the
15th MiCasa Makeover Winner

Prelim. Inspection
Don explains why Karen's new AC system will actually be smaller than the current unit.

Progress Report
Don details how the renovation project is going at Karen's home.

Karen's New AC
Don goes over the improvements made to her heating and cooling system and how it will impact her energy bills.
Rosario Farahani is a single mother with two special needs children. Jon Wayne was blessed with the opportunity to provide Rosario and her family with an brand new, high efficiency air conditioning system. Her new system will include a Clean Air Solutions package with a HEPA filter and an ultra violet light to help alleviate her son's asthma. The system will keep the air clean and the electric bills as low as possible.

Meet Rosario Farahani and learn about the amazing transformation her home will soon go through.

Prelim. Inspection
Don discusses what Jon Wayne does to help customers lower their
electric bills.

Progress Report
Don explains how Jon Wayne corrected a badly designed system.

Asthma Relief
Don details the new Clean Air Solutions package that we installed to help with asthma.
Jon Wayne Heating and Air was blessed with the opportunity to contribute with this MiCasa Makeover. The Campa's current system was in very poor condition with an impacted cooling coil, rusted furnace and leaking duct work. After doing a Complete Home Evaluation, we determined that their current 3 Ton system was way oversized. Our Manual J Load calculation took into consideration the new double pane windows, upgraded insulation and new vinyl siding that was being installed in the home. Based on these new factors the Campa's only needed a 2 ton system to properly heat and cool their home. Janet and Ramiro, dramatically lower electric bills are on their way!

Meet the Campa's and watch as they learn they the next MiCasa Makeover winners!

Prelim. Inspection
Dons talks about the Campa's $350 energy bill and how he plans to dramatically reduce it.

Santa's Reveal
Don and Pam (Mrs. Clause) Rackler arrive with the Campa family in the Jon Wayne Sleigh.

All Done
Don gives us a run down on everything that went into the Campa's new AC system.
Felicia Cummings desires to provide her children with a better place to grow up and we are honored to be able to help her do just that. The new system we installed in her home lowers her electric bills and will also provide cleaner air to keep her family comfortable and healthy.

Our first MiCasa Makeover project, Jon Wayne was honored to provide the Cummings' family with a new
air conditioning system.

Prelim. Inspection
Don talks about what steps Jon Wayne takes to properly size a replacement system.

Felicia's New System
Don talks about everything that went into Felicia's new heating and cooling system.
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