Great Day SA Video Segments

Mini-Split Systems - Mega Efficient!
Aired 06/29/2010
Don Rackler discusses the advantages of ductless mini-split air conditioning systems for San Antonio residents. These quiet units are ultra energy efficient (up to 26 SEER) and can be easily added to existing rooms quite easily. They can even be controlled remotely.

Get Your House On Track
Aired 06/01/2010
Tom Mooney explains the methods a house doctor uses to locate problems within a home so they can be resolved. The end result is a more comfortable, energy efficient home. Methods include the blower door test, thermal infrared cameras and flow hoods.

Air Conditioning - The Whole House Approach
Aired 05/26/2010
Jon Wayne's House Doctor, Tom Mooney, explains what the Whole House Approach is and why your San Antonio home may be uncomfortable no matter how low you set your thermostat. A house is a thermal envelope with many different elements to consider. Jon Wayne uses a variety of tools to locate problem areas and fine tune your home's air conditioning system so that it operates at maximum efficiency.

Picking The Right Furnace
Aired 11/16/2009
Old furnaces can end up causing your family harm if they are not checked properly at the beginning of each heating season. Don Rackler explains why you may be at risk.

Protecting Your Family From the H1N1 Virus
Aired 10/12/2009
You can't see the air you breathe, so how do you know it's clean? There are ways to stop virus' from spreading in your home and Don Rackler explains how you do it.

Jon Wayne Academy
Aired 09/14/2009
Don Rackler and Wes Breazeale discuss Jon Wayne's own training academy and how you can get into an HVAC career today.

Cash-In On Your Comfort!
Aired 08/10/2009
Don Rackler and Paul Mirales discuss the $1,500 tax credit that is available to home owners who upgrade their old AC system to a new high efficiency system. A lower utility bill with the tax credit could end up saving you money each month.

Staying Cool in 100 Degrees!
Aired 07/13/2009
Don Rackler and Paul Mirales discuss what you need to do to keep cool during triple digit temperatures. Preventative maintenance is important. Having a properly sized, 2 speed cooling system is also vital to have a cool and comfortable environment in your home.

Cleaning The Air In Your Home
Aired 06/23/2009
Don talks with Eileen about options you have to make sure the air in your home is clean and safe to breathe.

Breathe Cleaner Air
Aired 05/11/2009
Don Rackler and KENS5's Eileen Teves explore the options available to capture and kill viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, pet dander and other contaminates from the air in your home through the air conditioning filtration system. The end result is fresh, clean air that is healthy for your family to breathe.

Selecting A Good A/C Service Contractor
Aired 04/03/2009
Don Rackler and KENS5's Eileen Teves discuss some steps you can take to avoid selecting a bad contractor to service your heating and cooling system.

Deteriorated Duct Work
Aired 03/09/2009
Don Rackler and KENS5's Eileen Teves talk about ways to improve the comfort level in your home through federal tax credits, rebates and by replacing old, deteriorated duct work.

New San Antonio Tech School
Aired 02/09/2009
Originally developed to keep Jon Wayne's technicians current on today's A/C technology, classes are now available to anyone who wants to get started with a career in the air conditioning industry.

Why a Bigger Unit Is Not Always Better
Aired 01/12/2009
Don Rackler discusses with how people can end up with an AC unit replacement that is oversized and actually ends up wasting money instead of saving it. Degraded duct work can also add to your problems. A properly trained AC technician can perform a manual J load calculation on your home to determine the exact needs of your home, providing you with an optimal outcome.


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