Santa's Sleigh



Thursday, December 6th

The Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh is Complete!


Steve, the head mechanic that led the team during the rebuilding process, poses with the completed Santa Sleigh.

The new and improved Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh!



Monday, December 3rd

Interior and Dashboard is Completed, Hood Art is Applied


The new dashboard of the Santa Sleigh, complete with custom pedals, steering wheel, horn, sound system, and much, much more.

Custom art work is applied to the new hood.



Wednesday, November 28th

Body Work Continues, A New Hood is Made


Steve and Shaon carefully cut out the pieces to construct the new hood of the sleigh.

The beginning of the new hood.



Wednesday, November 28th

The Dashboard is Nearly Complete, Body Work Begins


The new dashboard is nearly done.

Custom speaker boxes are built into the body of the sleigh.


Friday, November 23rd

The Dashboard's Facelift Begins


The original dashboard of the Nissan truck is dismantled and the process of painting it has begun.

Some of the customized elements of the new dashboard are laid out for the paint to dry.


Wednesday, November 21st

Starting to Look Familiar!

The engine has some work done and the old sleigh body is carefully placed on the frame. 

The old and the new engines side by side while repairs are made.


Once the new engine's repairs are completed, the old sleigh body is carefully balanced on the fame to begin body work.


Monday, November 19th

The Heart of the Santa Sleigh

The 1988 Nissan truck is now stripped down to just the engine, frame, and tires.  Modifications are in the process of being made to the frame. 

The truck stripped down to it's bare-essentials.  With some modifications, it will soon be the heart of the new Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh.

Some modifications to the frame of the Nissan truck were made to make room for the sleigh-body.


Friday, November 16th

The Sleigh Gets New Wheels

The entire engine of the original Santa Sleigh was demolished in the electrical fire, so a new one is needed before the rebuilding can continue.

An identical engine and frame from a 1988 Nissan truck was found, and within just days, Steve the Mechanic has began to strip it down.

The original engine and frame of the sleigh was a small 1988 Nissan truck. A "new" 1988 Nissan truck was found. Now for the interesting part!

The "new" 1988 Nissan truck in the process of being stripped down to only the engine and frame



The Plan is Set Into Motion

Jon Wayne's head mechanic, Steve, and his team of assistants begin the removal of the demolished parts of the Sleigh to make room for repair.

The team lifts the disconnected shell up while the truck is pushed out from under the heavy exterior.

The shell of the sleigh was in remarkably decent shape, considering the extensive damage to the engine and interior.


Monday, November 12th

The Damage is Analyzed & The Rebuilding Begins

The team at Jon Wayne is wasting no time!

The fire damage to the Santa Sleigh was analyzed today, and a strategy to get it up-and-running again has been planned!

The entire interior of the sliegh was demolished, along with the engine and portions of the exterior.

The rebuilding begins: The connections to the exterior of the sleigh to the truck body underneath are removed.

Saturday, November 10th

The Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh is Nearly Destroyed

In the evening of Saturday, November 10th, the Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh was nearly destroyed in an accidental electrical fire.

The street-legal sleigh was an extensively modified truck that was used in at least a dozen charity events every holiday season.  

Don Rackler, owner of Jon Wayne Heating & Air, has vowed to repair the sleigh as quickly as possible.  

Check back often for updates on the Santa Sleigh's Rebuilding process!

 The Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh: Taken just days before the fire

The Jon Wayne Santa Sleigh: After the Fire


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