Picking the Right Furnace

It does not matter if your system is relatively new or over 10 years old, you should have maintenance done to your heating and cooling system at least one time each year.  Preferably twice a year.  Just before the cold weather in the fall and again in the spring before Summer heat arrives.  This is especially true if you have a gas furnace in your home.

Through out the year, many things can happen in your home to cause your system to not function properly.  The flu cap may get blown and a bird can block it up with a nest.  Your vent pipe might get knocked loose and prevent your system from getting rid of the harmful gas emmissions properly.

Any number of factors can develop through out the year that could prevent your system from operating at maximum efficiency and/or bring harm to your family.  A regular checkup is both wise and cost effective.

Give us a call and we will be happy to schedule you for a  Precision Tune Up.  

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