$1,500 Tax Credit


Finally, “Economic Stimulus” Money You Can Put In Your Own Pocket…

Yes, it’s true. You’re due a $1,500 gift from the government for the most comfortable and efficient heating & cooling system you've probably ever seen.

If you think like I think… you’ve probably gotten the idea that when the Government tries to help average folks like us – the normal, hard-working people living on “Main Street, USA” – that “help” has a way of ending up in somebody else’s pocket.

That was probably true in the past but Congress actually passed a law this year that had something in it just for you. Among all the billions of dollars the Government is spreading across our country, there really is something that reaches right into your very own home – and your very own pocketbook.

BREAKING NEWS: The Government has just tripled the Federal tax credits to homeowners who are willing to help conserve energy.

Yes, you’re going to get money to be comfortable and save energy in your home. (Is there anyone who doesn’t want to do this???) And here in San Antonio that help couldn’t come at a more important time.

Are you aware that in San Antonio your heating and air conditioning system is responsible for an average of 65% of your monthly utility bill? Meanwhile, the cost of energy continues to skyrocket. What is the solution? Where does it end? Fortunately, you can slam the brakes on right here, right now, with this letter. I’m not kidding.

What happened is, this year – for the first time ever – you can get a 30% tax credit of up to $1,500 for the purchase of highly efficient air conditioners, heat pumps or furnaces. That’s three times more than the tax credit for 2008!

Now, I’m no accountant or attorney, but let me make one thing very clear—

The law gives you a credit. That’s very different from a “deduction” that only reduces the amount of taxable income. A credit directly reduces the amount of taxes you will be required to pay. This is almost like the IRS marking through your tax bill with a red pen that says...

“Courtesy discount of $1,500. Love, the U.S. Government.”  Just incredible.

The above would be great news all by itself, right? Well, that’s NOT where it ends. Bryant Heating and Cooling has just approved through the end of this month, a new premium efficiency incentive program that is rewarding customers for installing the same qualifying products as the Federal Government. That’s worth an additional $1000 on a state-of-the-art comfort package.

Plus, these systems can reduce your energy costs by up to 60%. Read that again. See in my business, a “few” percent savings can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket each year, so this figure is staggering. But what’s really important is your indoor comfort.

The engineers at Bryant have developed a comfort system that will—silently and automatically—adjust energy consumption and capacity output to meet your requirements. Think about it…

This puts you in control of your utility bills. Not Mid-East turmoil or greed or weird weather. It’s up to you. Pretty good, right? Yes, but here is where this offer gets crazy – because Jon Wayne has upped the ante with four more powerful benefits you’re going to like. How about…

  • No Repair Bills for more than a Decade. That’s right. Your new system blankets you with complete comfort and peace of mind for 12 solid years. This includes parts and labor. Then there’s this…
  • No Interest, No Payments, No Kidding! Qualified customers don’t need to pay a dime for a full year! During that time, you can be saving big and have a brand new state-of-the-art system! Oh, and let’s not forget…
  • Guaranteed Savings In Your Pocket! Some companies “talk” energy savings, but Jon Wayne guarantees you’ll reduce energy consumption by at least 30% over the next year or we’ll write you a check for the difference!
  • Plus, you can get up to $2500 from CPS (equipment and Duct Rebates) that would go to the utility company and the government back in your wallet—–where it belongs! Whew! What a package—

No matter how high utility prices go, or how much your neighbors squawk about it (and they will!), you can relax in comfort with utility bills that are so low they look like a mistake!

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Schedule a Free Home Energy Evaluation. Doing so will put you in the front of the line for your totally free evaluation. You can also call us at 210-293-6700 to schedule your free evaluation.
  2. See how much you can pocket in energy savings with a new Comfort Royale Package. Basically, whatever your heating bills were in the past, you can count on 30% of that to stay in your pocket! Look at the savings, then decide whether you want to get one!
  3. If you get one of these Comfort Royale Packages, just sit back and enjoy the comfort with no repair bills for 12 years, and no payments for 12 months for qualified customers! (Now you know why we’re expecting busy signals.) Enjoy those tax credits and utility incentives. All courtesy of Jon Wayne and Uncle Sam. That’s it!

Invest a moment now and either schedule a Free Home Energy Evaluation or call us at (210) 293-6700. We will provide you with all the details regarding system benefits, reduced cost of ownership, utility savings and your projected return on investment figures. The call and Energy Evaluation are FREE, but the comfort and savings are yours to keep!


Don Rackler, Owner
Jon Wayne Heating and Air

P.S. Remember, the longer you wait, the more of your energy dollars are wasted. Put them back where they belong! With no payments, no repair bills, and lower energy bills it can happen. Call Jon Wayne now at (210) 293-6700 to get started.


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