Air Conditioning Upgrade Options

  At Jon Wayne, we specialize in residential AC repair and AC replacement throughout the San Antonio area. In addition, we offer a variety of air conditioning upgrade options that will dramatically improve your home's comfort level, indoor air quality, and overall energy efficiency.

Here is a list of the most common air conditioning upgrade options we install for our customers:


Dehumidifiers can be used to remove excess moisture (humidity) from the air—allowing you to operate your air conditioner less and still feel comfortable. If you’re comfortable now at 74 degrees, a dehumidifier could allow you to be comfortable at 76 or 77 degrees, which means your system runs less often and uses less electricity.

AC Enhancers

Similar to a dehumidifier, an AC enhancer removes excess moisture from the air. The difference is that it's easy to install on an existing system without a large upgrade expense and can be installed quickly while the service technician is in your home.

Advanced Air Filters

We have a variety of air filtration options that do a much better job than the cheap throw-away filters you get at the local hardware store. Our advanced air filters include:

    MIRV 16 Products – If you want the cleanest air possible, you will want to look at the IQAir Perfect 16 Air Purification System. It's the best product on the market for keeping your home's air clean and family protected from allergens and airborne bacteria.

    Electronic Filters – These filters are electronically charged and can capture up to 94 percent of the dust and allergens in your home. Ten times more efficient than normal throw-away filters, this type of filter can easily be added to your existing system.

    Extended Life Filters – These filters have a larger surface area which allows for filter changes to be done yearly instead of monthly. They may or may not be easily added to your current system depending on its configuration.

UV Lamps

Ultraviolet lamps can be installed into your existing equipment. Basically, the lamp bathes your air conditioner's cooling coil in fresh sunlight, killing mold spores before they can take hold, which improves indoor air quality and reduces buildup on your coil.
Jon Wayne offers a variety of UV light products that will keep your coil clean and the air in your home safe to breathe. These solutions can easily be added to existing systems and are ideal if your family suffers from asthma or seasonal allergies.

Air Purifiers

Similar to an air filter, an air purifier improves the air as it passes through your cooling system. The difference is that air purifiers have more advanced technology to capture and kill harmful bacteria that ordinary filters have trouble stopping. We have products available that can re-purify, not just filter, your home's air up to eight times each hour. This technology is similar to what is being used in hospitals today.

Zoning System

Adding zones to your air conditioning system can allow you to easily control the temperature balance across multiple rooms. If you have areas of your home that are warmer or cooler than the rest of the home, zoning may be a great option for you.

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IQAir Perfect 16 Air Purification System

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If you’re interested in learning more about any of our air conditioning upgrade options, call us at (210) 293-6700 and we will be glad to have a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor come to your home to discuss them in detail.  They can also look at your existing system to see which options could end up saving you the most money through energy efficiency.


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