Why A Bigger Unit Is Not Always Better

  Despite what many believe, installing a bigger air conditioning system does not always equate to a higher comfort level or better performing system. Installing properly sized equipment requires that certain factors be considered.  Jon Wayne comfort advisors understand this and can perform various calculations to build you the perfect cooling system.  

When considering a new system, your AC contractor should always perform a Manual J Load calculation on your home before recommending new equipment.  Going by the size of the previous system can be unwise as the previous system might not have been calculated properly.  It's also possible that changes to the home have increased or decreased your homes efficiency.

Your Jon Wayne comfort advisor will also inspect other aspects of your system including the condition of your ducts and attic insulation.  Dealing with problematic issues in this area will ensure that your new system will operate and peak efficiency and provide you with the most comfortable environment possible.

Problems That Can Occur With Oversized System

The follow are symptoms of systems that were not properly calculated before being installed.

Poor Humidity Control
As an air conditioning system cools the air in your home, it is also drying the air.  Humidity in the air is removed and sent outside which helps you feel more comfortable.  This drying process occurs while your unit is running.  Over-sized units do a great job of pumping a lot of cold air into your home but they do so too quickly, which means your air conditioning system does not run long enough to remove the humidity from the air completely. This leads to a wet, sticky environment which can lead to other problems listed below.

Also keep in mind that oversizing a newer high efficiency system is more likely to create high humidity issues than it did with the older equipment being replaced.

Increased Mold
High humidity can lead to mold growth in your home.  According to the EPA, the American Medical Association and the American Lung Association, to ensure that mold growth is kept at bay, it is important that indoor humidity levels are kept below 50%.  As we explained in the previous section, an oversized system just can't do that.

Increased Allergy Suffering
Those who suffer from allergies are usally also allergic to tiny dust mites and their droppings.  Since dust mites thrive in damp environments, you are more likely to have allergy issues if you have an oversized unit.

Uneven Temperatures
In addition to poor humidity control, an oversized system will lead to poor air distribution and uneven temperatures throughout your house.  When your air conditioning system short-cycles, the farthest rooms in your home don't get enough cool air because the unit does not run long enough to move all the air through the cooling process.

Higher Electric Bills
An oversize unit is more expensive in several ways.  It's more expensive to purchase.  Excessive cycling (the process your unit goes through when it starts and stops each time) is hard on system and can lead to repair issues.  It also takes about 12 minutes for your system to reach its rated efficiency.  You are also likely to lower your thermostat to deal with the excessive humidity.  A smaller AC unit (properly sized for your home) running for longer periods of time will actually use less energy and save you money.

Increased Noise
Bigger units push around a larger volume of air which is likely to cause your ducts to not be able to handle the increased air flow.  This reduces efficiency and increased noise.  A properly sized unit runs quieter and is much less noticeable.

More Breakdowns and Repairs
Like any machine, the more often it has to start and stop, the more wear and tear it experiences.  Oversizing your air conditioner will lead to more frequent breakdowns, higher repair bills and a shorter lifespan.

Are you considering a bigger AC unit because some rooms are too hot?

The better solution is to have a Jon Wayne Comfort Adviser perform a Complete Home Evaluation to determine the exact cause of the problem and the most economical solutions available.  Special tests like the Blower Door Test and advanced equipment like thermal imaging technology make it possible to properly diagnose these kinds of issues and then resolve them properly..  

Does your unit run non-stop?

If it does, that's ok if it's really hot or cold outside and your comfortable.  If it's running non-stop and it never seems to get to a temperature you desire, then you may need a larger system.  Again, a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor will be able to assist you with the process.  They will look for simple issues like improper Freon levels and then inform you of your Repair vs. Replace Options.

We Can Help!

If you are experiencing these types of problems, you definitely want to have a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor come to your home and give you a free estimate on what it will take to resolve them.


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