Dehumidification Products & Systems

  Your air conditioning system is designed to remove excess moisture from the air as it operates.  If that process is not work properly you will experience cold, clammy air instead of dry, comfortable air.  High humidity can lead to mold growth and other problems including health related issues.

Jon Wayne has a variety of solutions that will help with this condition.  

Whole house dehumidifiers can be added to your existing duct work and continue to run  even when your AC system has cycled off.  Excess can then be extracted from the air and discarded.  Homes with these devices installed can typically run the air conditioner a few degrees higher than normal due to the lower humidity level.

A/C Enhancers are another product we now offer which can easily be added to your existing system and remove excess moister from the air in your home.

If you are experiencing humidity problems and would like to learn more about the solutions available to you, click the button below to schedule a time for a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor to visit with you.


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