Advanced Filtration Options


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Air Quality Problems

If anyone in your family has health issues or suffers from allergies, advanced filtration can really make a difference. Due to the air tight design of homes today, air stays trapped in your home and can be as much as 100 times more contaminated than outside air. Normal throw away filters do a poor job of catching the microscopic bacteria as it passes through your air conditioning system.

Jon Wayne Solutions

The solution is to combat these invisible threats with an advanced filtration system. Jon Wayne offers a variety of products to improve indoor air quality.

Ultraviolet Light Systems
Ultraviolet lamps (mentioned in the adjacent video) can easily be added to your existing system. The UV rays kill mold and bacteria before it can grow on your cooling coil and begin cycling through your home.

Electronic Air Cleaners
This filter can easily be installed in an existing air conditioning system and can be used in place of a standard throw away filter. The filter is connected to your system's electric power creating an electrostatic charge across the filter that can capture up to 94% of the allergens and dust mites that pass through your system. Electronic Air Cleaners are rated 10 times more effective than normal filters.

HEPA Filters
We offer a variety of air purification products that are HEPA certified.

Extended Life Filters
This type of filter has a large surface area due to it's design and can be changed yearly instead of monthly. It is designed to catch smaller particles and in some cases can be added to your current system.

Air Purification Systems
Demonstrated in the video above, these advanced purification systems use multiple methods (or stages) to kill mold, viruses and bacteria as they pass through your heating and air conditioning system. The air in your home is re-purified (not just filtered) as much as eight times per hour.

If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or has delicate health issues, you can have a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor come to your home and explain the various indoor air quality options that available to you. We can also perform an test to determine the quality of the air in your home.


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