Why Take The Whole House Approach?

  Your equipment is only one part of the equation.
You need an A/C contractor that understands how other aspects of your home can affect the performance of your air conditioning system. Jon Wayne takes a whole house approach when evaluating the replacement of your system. Our skilled professionals look at things like duct size, attic insulation, window performance and other potential problem areas to make sure your new equipment will perform properly and as efficiently as possible

Many times we find that ducts in homes are too small.
This is especially true for today's high efficiency units. Older ducts have also been known to break down, leak and sweat which dramatically reduces the SEER rating of the equipment connected to them. Furthermore, sweating ducts can cause damage to the home and promote mold growth which can lead to serious health problems.

Jon Wayne's Whole House Approach

Our approach has helped many home owners lower their energy bills and, in a lot of cases, allowed them to use smaller units to do a better job than their old equipment. In many cases, the energy savings have out weighed the cost to upgrade.

Automatically reject any contractor who doesn't perform or at least recommend the essential diagnostic steps to evaluate your needs.
They either haven't been trained properly or they don't care. A properly trained air conditioning professional knows that diagnostic tests should be performed before a new system can be installed. It's the only way to prevent future problems from wasting energy and money. A contractor who ignores the importance of good diagnostics may only be interested in selling you a metal box rather than providing you with the most efficient system possible.

Jon Wayne Services

Duct Renovation
Duct Sealing
Attic Insulation
Insulation Removal
Solar Powered Attic Ventilators
Combustion Testing
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Blower Door Testing
Duct Blaster Testing
Engineering Analysis

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