Blower Door Test

  When you are experiencing problems in your home such as high utility bills, high humidity or excessive dust, a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor may offer to perform a blower door test on your home.   This test helps us determine how airtight your home is.  Once completed, the results will give us an idea of how much your house is leaking bad air in and good air out.

A blower door is a powerful fan that mounts inside an exterior door of your home.  The fan will then begin pulling air out of your home lowering the pressure inside.  Outside air will then flow through all the unsealed cracks and openings.  The Comfort Advisor may then use a smoke pencil to visually detect air leaks.

When the test has completed, usually in about an hour, we will have an idea of how "leaky" your home is and can help you decide if measures should be taken to better seal your house.  Typically, most problems are found in the attic.  Unsealed pipes, leaking ducts and poorly sealed walls can allow substantial amounts of hot, dirty air to enter your home.


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