San Antonio Attic Insulation


A Common Problem

Over the years we have found that most of the San Antonio area homes we visit have inadequate levels of insulation.  For proper protection from the heat, your attic insulation should have a minimum insulation rating of R38.  That equates to roughly 10 to 12 inches of fiberglass batting or blown cellulose fiber insulation.

An Ideal Solution

To get your attic up to the R38 standard or higher, we can add additional insulation to the desired level.  We use blown cellulose fiber insulation which is made from recycled materials and is better at filling all the nooks and crannies than conventional fiberglass insulation.

While we are addressing your insulation we can also look at sealing your attic.  Sealing the cracks and crevices in your attic create an air tight layer between your attic and your living space.  This greatly reduces the amount of outside air that can get into your home.  Adequate amounts of new insulation can then be installed creating an optimal barrier between you and the heat above.

Insulation Removal

While addressing the level of insulation in your attic, you may also want to consider removing the old insulation. This is especially true if your existing insulation has been damaged by rodents.

Having a Jon Wayne Comfort Advisor come to your home is a great way to explore how upgrading your attic insulation will benefit your family.


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