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Repair vs. Replace?

San Antonio AC Repair
-Jon Wayne Repair Pricing

System Replacement
-Why A Bigger Unit Is Not Always Better

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Indoor Air Quality
-Enphiropure Air Purifier - Specifications
-IQAir Whole House Air Purification
-Ultraviolet (UV) Lights
-Dehumidification Products & Systems
-Advanced Filtration Options

Energy Efficiency

Duct Replacement
-Should I Upgrade My Old Duct System?

Attic Insulation

Ductless (Mini Split) Systems

Technician Training
-Jon Wayne Academy
-NATE Certification

-Early Spring 2012
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-The Nutty Way to Solve Problems Before They Happen
-Jon Wayne Supports the Wilson County Community and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
-Picking the Right Furnace
-$1,500 Tax Credit
-The Very Real Dangers of Carbon Monoxide
-Lower Your Electric Bill and Save Money
-7 Tips For Selecting a Good A/C Company
-Energy Saving Tips for San Antonio Residents

Air Conditioning Related Videos
- Mini-Split Systems - Mega Efficient!
- Get Your House On Track
- Air Conditioning - The Whole House Approach
- Picking The Right Furnace
- Protecting Your Family From the H1N1 Virus
- Jon Wayne Academy
- Cash-In On Your Comfort!
- Staying Cool in 100 Degrees!
- Cleaning The Air In Your Home
- Breathe Cleaner Air
- Selecting A Good A/C Service Contractor
- Deteriorated Duct Work
- New San Antonio Tech School
- Why a Bigger Unit Is Not Always Better

  MiCasa Makeover Video Segments

Samantha Robinson
- The Surprise
- Her Story
- Her New System
- The Reveal

Candy & Mark Vasquez
- The Surprise
- The Story
- The System
- The Reveal

Susan Brooks & Rosa Flores
- The Surprise
- The Finished Project
- The Reveal

Cynthia & William Ramos
- The Surprise
- Diagnosing the Home
- 'It Feels Like a New Home'
- The Finished Project

The Garcia Family
- The Garcia's New System

Valerie & Ricardo Ybarra
- The Surprise & Story
- The Old System
- Bigger Not Always Better
- The Reveal

Sunni & Joshua Schwencke
- Introduction
- Their Story
- The Game Plan
- The Reveal

Cecilia Consuegra
- Introduction
- Prelim. Inspection
- Cecilia's New Mini-Split System!

Debbie and John Rivera
- Introduction
- Prelim. Inspection
- The New System

Norene Karger
- Noreen's Warm Now!

Karen Seiffert
- Introduction
- Prelim. Inspection
- Progress Report
- Karen's New AC

Rosario Farahani
- Introduction
- Prelim. Inspection
- Progress Report
- Asthma Relief

Janet & Ramiro Campa
- Introduction
- Prelim. Inspection
- Santa's Reveal
- All Done

Felicia Cummings
- Introduction
- Prelim. Inspection
- Felicia's New System

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