Air Conditioner Tune-Up: Can You Afford Not to Schedule an Appointment?

air conditioner tune-up, San Antonio, TexasWhen the first real heat wave of summer hits, you’ll be glad you scheduled an air conditioner tune-up now. Air conditioning problems are mostly likely to show up at two times: the first time the A/C is started up for the season and during the time of highest cooling load later during the summer. Continue reading

Sizing Your Air Conditioning System: Is Bigger Better?

sizing your air conditioning system, San Antonio, TexasInstalling a new A/C system to remedy comfort problems? You may think that installing a bigger A/C will solve the problem; however, to accurately select the right-sized equipment, you must prioritize sizing your air-conditioning system before you make the selection.

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Get To Know Jon Wayne’s Preventive Maintenance Plan, Increase Savings

preventive maintenance plan, San Antonio, TexasYou know your air conditioner needs maintenance, so why not make the process easy and join Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning’s  maintenance plan: The Jon Wayne Rescue Club. Continue reading