Air Conditioner Tune-Up: Can You Afford Not to Schedule an Appointment?

air conditioner tune-up, San Antonio, TexasWhen the first real heat wave of summer hits, you’ll be glad you scheduled an air conditioner tune-up now. Air conditioning problems are mostly likely to show up at two times: the first time the A/C is started up for the season and during the time of highest cooling load later during the summer. Continue reading

Heat Pump Maintenance: You’ll Never Regret Investing in It

heat pump maintenance, San Antonio, TexasRegular heat pump maintenance is important because heat pumps operate on narrow performance margins. Even a slight decline in system performance caused by maintenance neglect can translate into efficiency losses of up to 25 percent. Continue reading

Heating System Tune-ups: What You And Your Technician Should Be Doing

heating system tune-up, San Antonio, TexasA professional heating system tune-up goes a long way toward achieving peak home comfort, managing energy consumption, ensuring safe operation and extending the life of your heating system. However, just because you schedule a heating system tune-up every year doesn’t mean you get a pass. Homeowners must also perform several maintenance tasks, designed to boost the results of the professional services. Continue reading

A/C Coils Freezing Up? When To Call A Pro

a/c coils freezing up, San Antonio, TexasAn air conditioner that “freezes up” is actually a victim of the A/C coils freezing up. As a result, homeowners may find themselves without any air conditioning, and will need to troubleshoot the system or call a pro. Continue reading

Load Calculation Defined: Learn Why It’s Imperative Before Installing New Equipment

load calculation, San Antonio, TexasHomeowners installing new HVAC equipment benefit greatly by first sizing the equipment. Proper sizing methods require that the contractor use a load calculation method. Continue reading

Choosing An HVAC Contractor In San Antonio: Training Benefits Homeowners

choosing an hvac contractor, San Antonio, TexasChoosing an HVAC contractor for repairs or service? Look no further than Jon Wayne: Our Academy for Technical Excellence promotes superior training and expertise for our in-house technicians, but it’s also accessible to any technician working in the San Antonio area. Continue reading