Five Problems a Technician Will Look at on a Frozen Heat Pump

frozen heat pump, San Antonio, TexasAn occasional frozen heat pump is a normal occurrence. However, when the outdoor unit is covered in ice you’ve got a serious problem that only a technician can handle. Knowing what they’ll look at first gives you an idea of where to start diagnosing problems and get your unit running like new again. Continue reading

Maintain Your Heating System, Lock In These 3 Benefits

maintain your heating system, San Antonio, TexasTime and money spent to maintain your heating system is an investment in household comfort for cooler months. In addition to that perk, proper maintenance can save you money on heating costs, enhances performance for more consistent heating and extends component life. Continue reading

Ensure Safety When Operating A Gas Furnace

safety when operating a gas furnace, San Antonio, TexasThe need for safety when operating a gas furnace is clear. A gas-fired furnace produces warmth and comfort for your home. But it does so with a combustion process that includes an open flame, flammable natural gas, high temperatures and combustion by-products like carbon monoxide. Continue reading