Air Conditioner Tune-Up: Can You Afford Not to Schedule an Appointment?

air conditioner tune-up, San Antonio, TexasWhen the first real heat wave of summer hits, you’ll be glad you scheduled an air conditioner tune-up now. Air conditioning problems are mostly likely to show up at two times: the first time the A/C is started up for the season and during the time of highest cooling load later during the summer. Continue reading

Heat Pump Maintenance: You’ll Never Regret Investing in It

heat pump maintenance, San Antonio, TexasRegular heat pump maintenance is important because heat pumps operate on narrow performance margins. Even a slight decline in system performance caused by maintenance neglect can translate into efficiency losses of up to 25 percent. Continue reading

Air-Source Heat Pumps: The Connection Between Balance Point and Efficiency

air-source heat pump, San Antonio, TexasAn air-source heat pump moves heat from one place to another, depending on the season. During summer, it functions like a conventional A/C, extracting heat from the interior of the home and conveying it to an outdoor condenser coil where it’s dispersed into the air. In winter, a heat pump extracts heat from outdoor air, concentrates it in compressed refrigerant and transfers it inside to warm the home.  Continue reading

The Electronically Commutated Motor Drives Your Heat Pump’s Efficiency

electronically commutated motor - heat pump efficiency, San Antonio, TexasThe good news is, an electronically commutated motor enhances heat pump air handler efficiency by providing programmable, variable speed airflow while using substantially less electricity. The bad news: Many heat pumps came standard with a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor, instead. Continue reading