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get rid of dust - San Antonio, TexasTo get rid of dust, it’s helpful to know what it’s made of. While outside sources contribute organic material like pollen and dirt, fully 40 percent of household dust originates in the home.

Indoor sources are a combination of human skin flakes, animal and human hairs, rotting insects, food particles and fibers that detach from clothes and bedding. Some dust adheres to surfaces, while other particles remain perpetually airborne. The largest proportion settles out of the air only to be continuously stirred up again by human activity. Here are some strategies to help get rid of dust and improve the air quality in your San Antonio-area home.

Upgrade your filter

The filter in your HVAC system is the front line against household dust. A standard fiberglass filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value of 4 or less will remove only the largest particles. For most homes, a MERV 8 to 12 filter will deliver enhanced dust removal while not excessively restricting airflow. An electrostatic filter that uses static electricity to attract and capture dust can be incorporated into your ductwork, but it will require professional installation and may be excessively restrictive to airflow. Reemeber, an air filter – even the best ones – won’t “clean” your home, but the good ones will keep dust from recirculating through the duct system.

Don’t spread it around

Because most dust is in a continuous cycle of settling out of the air, then becoming airborne again, efforts to remove dust should focus on capturing it on surfaces without stirring it up. Commercially available cloths and dust mops with an electrostatic charge retain the dust as it is wiped away, as do oiled or waxed cloths. Vacuums can be used where cloths or mops are ineffective. But the air disturbance caused by the vacuum may stir up the dust.

Filter while you clean

When using a vacuum or other methods that may disturb dust, turn the HVAC fan to the “on” setting at the thermostat. Running the fan continuously during housecleaning circulates dusty air into the filter and helps remove dust from your indoor air.

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