HVAC Airflow Issues: 5 Signs They’re Caused By Air Handler Neglect

by Don Rackler on

hvac airflow issues, San Antonio, TexasIt’s not uncommon for homeowners to experience HVAC airflow issues — if they don’t regularly maintain their air conditioner, heat pump or furnace.

The indoor unit of your split-packaged system, the most common type of residential HVAC system, houses the air handler and the outdoor unit comprises the condenser. Inside the air handler, you’ll find the blower, filter, coil and condensate pan, as well as the ductwork extension, all of which require annual service to operate safely and efficiently. With all components a “go,” airflow through your home should remain at peak levels, with each room comfortably heated or cooled.

If you’ve neglected maintenance, and HVAC airflow issues are a problem in your home, you may have noticed one or more of these signs of neglect:

  • Dirty blower – Dirt builds up on the blower inside of the air handler, and as it gathers on fan blades and the motor, creates friction, which leads to reduced efficiency, wear and tear on the component, as well as a reduction in airflow. In fact, cleaning the blower can drastically improve airflow.
  • Full filter – The air filter in your HVAC system is designed to protect the air handler from dirt and pollutants, which can wreak havoc on the blower and coil if they bypass it, and significantly reduce airflow. Changing the filter regularly prevents dirt buildup in the air handler.
  • Dirty coil – The cooling coil inside the handler absorbs heat from inside your home, but if it’s dirty, it operates less efficiently and has less capacity for cooling, greatly reducing airflow.
  • Leaky ducts – Ducts that allow conditioned air to leak out are a key contributor to poor airflow, with heated and cooled air escaping out of the ducts before it reaches your living spaces.

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