Know Your Air Conditioning System’s Expected Lifespan To Plan For Replacement

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Planning ahead for an expensive purchase makes good budgeting sense. Many people plan ahead for a down payment on their next new car, and doing the same for a new air conditioning system is a wise idea, too. When you know what you’ll pay and when, you can make the investment without your budget taking a big hit.

Several factors contribute to the life span of an air conditioning system. Manufacturers set an expected life span for “typical” use, with most air conditioning systems expected to last for about 15 years. Here are a couple of questions you can ask to help estimate your air conditioning system’s life span.

First: How much do you use it?

How much an A/C is used might be the most critical factor that lengthens or shortens its life. A homeowner living in climates like San Antonio’s, where an A/C is heavily used, will probably find their system lasts less than 15 years. However, a homeowner in Minnesota might use the A/C less than 30 days a year. Manufacturer expectations are set according to the number of hours of use for your unit, so when you use the A/C a lot, you’re still getting your money’s worth. You’re just using those hours up more quickly than a Minnesota homeowner.

Second: Does your A/C get regular preventive maintenance?

Taking good care of your air conditioner helps to extend its life. Changing the air filter is a must. Preventive maintenance performed by a qualified HVAC contractor keeps the system free of buildup. Allowing dirt to build up on the system makes it work harder, which causes components to wear out more quickly and leads to system breakdown or significant repairs. Regular maintenance means your A/C runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to get the most hours possible out of the system.

You can use your system’s expected life span and factor in how much you use it and whether you give it regular maintenance to create a plan for replacement. The expert technicians at Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with preventive maintenance and replacements. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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